Issue slips. Collect signatures.

You can easily issue parents with slips and collect signatures and other information.

Electronic slips are few clicks away

"Jo, use the newly developed slips feature for your Digital Device Agreement and watch the signatures flow in."


After he was asked how to get parents to read and sign Digital Device Agreement

Creating and issuing slips is easy. You can create a new custom form, copy an existing form or reuse the same form, attach it to a slip, choose your students and request parents to fill in or sign the form.

After you issue a slip to parents, they will see the notification on their parent portal asking them to take an action. Parents will then click on a button and go to the form they need to submit.

Once they submit the form, the parents will not longer see the slip inside the list of their tasks.

A staff member can then use the admin interface to view submissions, and check who hasn't submitted a slip so that they can follow up with the parents.