Why you should take the leap

PortalHQ is an all-in-one dashboard and app that gives students, staff and parents one login to manage all of their school communication and administration tasks.

Reduce Business Risk

Centralised data management: PortalHQ offers a centralised platform to manage all aspects of a school, including student results, class timetables, co-curricular sign-ups, and important school communications. This centralised approach can lower the risk of data loss or corruption that may occur when using multiple software tools to provide the same level of functionality.

Automated processes: PortalHQ can automate many of the routine and repetitive tasks that schools perform, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency. This can free up teachers and administrators to focus on higher-value tasks.

Improved collaboration: PortalHQ can facilitate collaboration among teachers, students, and parents, lowering the risk of miscommunication or delays in getting information out.

Scalability: PortalHQ can grow and scale with your school, providing the necessary tools and features to support your changing needs. This can lower the risk of having to switch to new software tools and migrate data, which can be time-consuming and disruptive.

Reduce Costs

Lower licensing costs: With PortalHQ, schools only need to purchase one software license that covers multiple functions, rather than buying separate software programs/licenses for each task. This drastically reduces the overall software costs for a school.

Reduced training costs: Training staff on multiple software programs can be time-consuming and expensive. PortalHQ reduces the need for training on multiple software programs.

Improved efficiency: PortalHQ and its workflows automate many routine tasks, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing overall efficiency. This usually results in lower staffing costs, especially in administration.

Harness the Power

PortalHQ is built from the innovation and time-tested processes of many outstanding Australian schools and their ICT/Marketing staff.

By adopting PortalHQ in your school you gain access to modules and workflows but also a vibrant community of innovative developers who will keep you ahead of your colleagues in regards to parent / staff / student experience, efficiencies and process optimisation.