20+ years of working with independent schools

For over 20 years, we've been delivering technological solutions to over 200 schools across Australia and New Zealand.

You're in good hands

We started building custom school portals about 12 years ago.

These were custom built web applications, which integrate with a schools' Active Directory (ADFS, Azure, Cloudwork) and schools' SISs, and which provide access and loads of functionality to staff, students and parents.

PortalHQ is a collection of industry-proven features and best practice developed over 10+ years.

All the features you see inside PortalHQ are already in use by schools across Australia. These features are battle tested and provide automation to staff, student or parents.

Our philosophy has always been to focus on, and build, the best product and let that drive our sales & marketing. It's worked so far.

Eddy, Mario and Mark

TeamHQ Directors

The HQ Team

EnrolHQ, PortalHQ, School Mobile Apps and truckload of websites!

We've been designing and building award-winning websites since 2002, but our first school portal was created in 2012.

Mark Barrett, Eddy Chan and Mario Gudelj joined forces to tackle all those tasks and automations which were considered hard at the time. Since then, we've been working together with hundreds of schools, constantly innovating in the education sector.

We run our business on the basis of a firm handshake. Our goal is the provide the best software and the best support in the industry. All our team help out with support so we stay close to our customers and their requirements.

You may also have heard of one of our other popular products, EnrolHQ, the leading all-in-one online enrolments solution in the Australian market.