School Calendar and Event Manager

Full-featured Event Calendar

Categorise and filter by event type. Apply to different dashboards. Integrate with Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar.

School Calendar

"I really can't see why would someone use any other calendar for their school events."


After seeing all the other calendars the schools are using.

Our school calendar is the only solution you need to run and display your school events.

Events can be categories by type .e.g. exams, assessments, pastoral, sport, information sessions, professional development, excursions etc. and can be filtered by those types.

Each type is displayed in a different colour. The calendar is shown on staff, student and parent dashboards. There's also an iCal feed available which can be used to integrate the portal calendar with your client of choice (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar etc.).

All events run by the school can be entered into this module, and will go through one or more steps of approvals and be displayed inside the calendar.

The event organisers are able to submit catering, IT and maintenance requirements. The documents can be attached to the events and risk assessment submitted. Other information that can be collected are the staff and students attending, costs, phone numbers, location details, learning outcomes and a lot more.

The events staff enter can go through multiple approval steps where a person or a group of people can review and approve the events. Events can move through multiple statuses from Draft to Approved and multiple people can be added to the event so that they can be kept informed about the event, endorse the event or leave the comments.

Event Manager

"Once set up, this thing is a bomb!"


After seeing school staff use the events module to its full potential.