Collect Community Data

Create custom webforms to collect data from your school community or the public.

Forms module allows you to create a custom form and assign it to individuals or groups of parents or staff to gather data, which can then be exported into CSV files.

Forms can have any number of fields and question types including text, checkboxes, radio, HTML and images. All submissions are stored inside the database, but they can also be emailed to people. Additionally, there are workflows and reporting attached to the forms so that permission slips, RSVPs, surveys etc. can be assigned to groups and managed by form owners.

Submissions can also be downloaded inside the PDF format, as single submissions or in bulk.

Why are forms so powerful?

The Forms module allows you create all kinds of forms. However, what makes it so powerful is that those forms can then be attached to slips, events and all kinds of subscriptions and workflows.

Collect data and signature using forms

"Man, it seems that everything needs a form. I think we should design the portal so that a form can be attached to ANYTHING!"


Discovering that everything needs a form