Portal Core Offerings

Loaded with Core Features

From SSO to your SIS integration, student, parent and staff lists, to daily notices, resources and links...it's all included.

We integrate with any identity provider which supports SAML

To take a full advantage of your school portal you should have your parent accounts inside your identity provider.

Setting up SSO is a breeze. It takes about 20 minutes. Your staff, students and parents can then log in and move between the portal and other services without the need to remember multiple passwords.

There are two attributes you need to pass across inside your SAML token, which are the user email and their role. The roles can be 'student', 'parent', 'staff' or 'employee'. The role will define their user type.

There are no limits imposed on the number of accounts you can have. All the accounts are provisioned on the fly. For example, the parent account doesn't need to exist inside the portal before they log in via your identity provider. If they successfully authenticate with your identity provider and land into the portal, their account will be created at that moment and their email address will be matched with their school management system's record. You can set a landing page for parents inside portal settings page. Some schools choose to land their parents onto parent dashboard, where other schools may choose the links and resources page.

All the group memberships from your AD are collected and created on the portal. For this you need to set the "groups" claim inside Azure or Cloudwork.

PortalHQ has three different intranet dashboards that display information specifically created for the particular role. The audience in these roles can be further segmented through Active Directory (AD) groups. In fact, most featured support segmentation by AD group

Staff, parents and students will all see resources, calendar events, notices and news that are relevant to them. Further to that, the parent accounts will see the information targeted for students linked to their parent account. So, if they need to submit a slip permission or book into an event, they will be prompted on the dashboard to do so.

Student, Staff and Parent Dashboards


Daily Notices

Display all your important notices to all audiences

Daily notices will also show up inside your mobile app.

This module allows you to display all the important daily reminders to staff, students and parents. You can expect heading such as "Student Council Meetings", "Recruiting! Readers' Cup Year 9/10" and "Photography Competition - ENTRIES DUE NOW!" to pop up on dashboard.

Daily notices have a publish and an expiry dates, support attachment uploads and can be recurring periodically. You can set them to recur daily, weekly, monthly, on particular days and so on. You can remove certain occurrences as well.

Daily notices also support AD group audience limiting, so if you want to show a daily notice to only those students in year 7 or only boarding students, you can easily do so.

Resources module allows you to upload unlimited documents and links. Like the other modules, it supports audience segmentation so that you can show different resources to different groups.

Resources module has it's own page and they can also be displayed on the dashboards. Resources can be categorised with custom categories and the module also has a search feature.

Inside the Resources module is the CMS Pages module. The CMS Pages module allows you to create web pages using a simple to use block style editor. The pages are stored inside a tree and the navigation is generated automatically for you. This module allows you to upload images, documents amongst other elements and even raw HTML code.


Easily publish your important documents and links

Links Module

Add all the important links to your dashboards and menus

Links module is another core feature of PortalHQ. It will allow you to create a beautiful, customised dashboard, with custom icons and font awesome icons.

Links module supports categorisation and audience selection. Icons can be created by your designer or sourced from the internet, or chosen from our library. The links can be displayed as dashboard tiles only, tiles and menu links, or all of the above plus the mobile link. If mobile link is chosen, the link will appear inside your mobile app.